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Satou Cyuuim collection

Satou Cyuuim

Work size (length/side), A unit is indicated in inch.

Mr.Sato 1
30.7 / 70.9 (inch)

1997 'The 49th Mainichi calligraphy exhibition' Posthumous works

"Flowering. Only Nyorai, a person who had attained Buddha hood, twisted a lotus
flower and laughed. from the Lotus Satra."


Mr.Sato 2
1976 'The first Matsuzakaya Co.,Ltd. private exhibition'

"Will I return to that mountain and that sky someday, too ?
A poem to Mt Iwaki. poem by Goroku Ichinohe."

53.2 / 13.8 (inch)


Mr.Sato 3
1983 'German Munich private exhibition'


13.4 / 26.8 (inch)


Mr.Sato 4
1984 'Gallery Denega, an open commemoration exhibition'

"All the kokeshi dolls sleep in cold winter of the northern country."

9.5 / 10.6 (inch)


Mr.Sato 5
1988 'The 24th Sougen calligraphy exhibition'

"The sky is desolate endlessly and drizzling rain turns into a white rainbow. When a north wind blows poorly, the color of the mountains gets dark. When I come back home, I find a leaf of paulownia in my house. poem by Bansei Yamashita."

38.6 / 50.4 (inch)


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